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August 1, 2020

INDIA - Hair Cutting


As a native Iowan, beginning a story with 'I was walking along the Ganges...' seems like the height of pretentiousness but, well, I was...

The woman on the left, in brown, beckoned me over to take some photos as they were finishing up shaving the small child's head. I found out later that this was a Hindu sacrament (called either Chudankaran or Mundana) in which a child receives their first haircut. The idea is that doing so frees them from the bad traits of their past lives.

The child getting the haircut wasn't too happy about it, but it was clearly a celebratory event and I felt a little privileged to be invited in, even for just a few minutes.

#streetphotography, #india, #photographyislife, #hinduism, #wanderlust, #capturestreets, #ganges, #chudakarana

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