When I got into photography in the 1980s, high-end wedding photography was soft-focus, elaborately staged, and wholly artificial. Which didn’t appeal to me very much.


A lot has changed.


Since then, the field has exploded and weddings have become perhaps my single favorite subject to photograph. Weddings are each as unique as the people being wed. And at the same time, there is the sense of being part of something fundamental to the human experience.


I have shot weddings in churches and back yards. Old couples, young couples, straight, gay, - everyone. Some with singing, some with introspective silence, and one that turned into a massive cake throwing fight (all in good fun – but still pretty messy).


My approach is always to let people be themselves. It’s the photographer’s job to adapt to the wedding – not the other way around. I seldom do much direction, preferring to watch for moments when people are at their most authentic and candid.


I think of myself as a participant when I shoot a wedding. My job is to make sure that everyone enjoys being photographed, and enjoys seeing the photos that result days, years, and decades later.