“Photograph the emotion” was what my teacher told me. It seemed cryptic and mysterious at the time. I was 19, and just learning how to use a camera, develop film, print in a darkroom…. Photographing the emotion seemed like something Yoda would say.

Today this doesn’t mysterious at all. Whether in a studio or on the street, it has been my guiding principle for 34 years of making photographs.

I like people, and I like puzzles. Figuring out how to turn an emotion into an image keeps photography fresh for me.

I see my role as seeking out the beauty, the honesty, and the emotion of every person I photograph, and then acting as link to show that to the world.

My name is Frank Miller. I am a professional photographer and videographer working in the Willamette Valley. I turn visions into visuals.

Let’s work together.

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